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Baptisms, weddings and funerals can all be arranged for you. In the first instance please contact us: office@stgeorgescampdenhill.com  
Baptism Sub Header
  Baptism is the rite whereby people become Christians. It unites us to God through Jesus’ resurrection, gives the gift of eternal life and makes us part of Christ’s Body, the Church. It is administered with water in the name of the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a moment of simple joy when through the unspectacular action of a little water pouring over a person’s head, they are transformed into a child of God, a member of his royal priestly family and given gifts and graces that no amount of evil and darkness can destroy.
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If you live within the parish boundaries or you are a member of our congregation, you are very welcome to have your child baptised at St George’s, or our sister church St John the Baptist, or to be baptised yourself. Whilst we always encourage people from other parishes, however, they should make their spiritual home in their local parish church. There are some people, nonetheless, who have a particular link with St George’s (e.g. parents who were married here etc.), or you just feel confused about how to go about it; we would be very happy to talk with you about baptising you or your child.

Baptism can take place either within the Sunday Eucharist or as a separate service - you can have a couple of hymns and a reading if you wish. Regular members of the congregation are especially encouraged to have their baptism take place when the rest of the church family is present at the 10am Parish Eucharist.

Baptisms are not normally held during Lent to allow a greater focus on the austerity of the season. Baptism is a way of sharing in Christ’s resurrection and so is not suited to the time of year when the church is preparing for the celebration of Easter.

Enquiries about baptism should be directed in the first instance to the Parish Office who will be pleased to advise.

Baptism is perfectly proper both for adults and children. A brief time of preparation is required with the parents of any infant being baptised. For an adult coming for baptism, this is usually combined with Confirmation (the giving of the gifts of the Spirit and taking of adult membership of the church) and would occur after a longer period of preparation.

Anyone who is already baptised who is interested in being prepared for Confirmation or just exploring their faith more deeply is welcome to contact us.

Weddings Sub Header
  You are getting married?
Welcome, and congratulations on your commitment to be married. This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to planning your wedding; merely a starting place. The important thing is to talk with our parish administrator, as soon as possible, to ensure the church is free on the date you have in mind.

To make arrangements for a wedding, or to have your Banns of Marriage called, please contact the Parish Office. You might also find it helpful to read the Church of England’s thoughts on weddings.
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Can anyone get married at St George’s?
Everyone lives in a parish, and has a legal right to be married in their parish church if they are legally free to do so. If you want to check whether you live in the Parish of St George’s, Campden Hill, or St John the Baptist, Holland Road, please call us. You may also be married here if you are a regular worshipper at St George’s or St John’s churches and are on the church's electoral roll.

If you qualify by residence or electoral roll, you need read no further – you have a right to be married at St George’s if you are legally free to marry.

You may still get married in a parish church of your choice even if you don’t live in the parish, if you or your fiancé can demonstrate a Qualifying Connection. A person has a Qualifying Connection with a parish if that person:

  • Was baptised in the parish. (This does not apply where the baptism formed part of a combined service of baptism or confirmation); or
  • Had his or her confirmation entered in a church register book of a church or chapel in the parish; or
  • Has at any time had his or her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or
  • Has at any time habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;

Or if a parent of that person has at any time during that person's lifetime:

  • Had his or her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months; or
  • Habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;
  • Or if a Parent or Grandparent of that person was married in the parish.

If you think you qualify, please call the Parish Office. You will be asked to fill in a form (a copy of which will be sent to you if you wish to do so before coming). You may want to see the parish administrator to talk this through and they will help you with it. Guidelines can be found by following the links on this page on the Church of England website.

Please feel free to talk to the parish administrator if you have concerns, or if you have any questions. He will help you answer them.

Fees for Weddings: 2018

Standard Fees
• Fee for Marriage £537
• Banns + certificate £41

• Marriage certificate £13
• Additional copy of Marriage Certificate £13.50
• Copy of Marriage Certificate issued on another occasion £17

Non-Statutory Fees
• Verger £50
• Donation to church £200

Optional Extras

• Organist with Choir £180

• Organist without Choir £150
• Choir P.O.A.
• Flowers P.O.A.
• Use of Video £80 (extra fee payable to organist)

Funerals Sub Header
  When someone you love dies...

We know from personal experience how daunting it can be having to organise a funeral after a bereavement, especially when the death is sudden and/or unexpected. However compassionate and helpful people are, with emotions running so high, it can be difficult to get your mind around all the necessary details.
  Baptims Image
  The whole concept of saying goodbye to our dearly departed has changed tremendously over the past few years, as tradition has given way to more modern approaches. Undertakers are no longer dark dreary places where someone who looked like a character from 'The Adams family' would greet you as you walked through the door. These days we are less reluctant to discuss this subject, with some people going so far as to plan their own funerals or to at least make close relatives aware of their wishes.

But it is important to consider that when your loved one dies, not to be rushed into doing/organising things. Yes, it is important to appoint a funeral director, and at St George’s we have excellent connections to local Directors, please call us and we can help you. Yes it is necessary to register the death and if you are local to us you need to go to the Kensington & Chelsea registrar at Chelsea Town Hall in the Kings Road. It is probably best to ring them first to make an appointment; their number is 020 7361 4100.

We all know that funerals are a most difficult time. Some of the stress can be taken out of this by talking with the church as soon as possible. It is not a business for us but part of the pastoral care that your parish church offers you. Instead of going to an impersonal crematorium, where your loved one is 'processed' as if on a production line and then finding you only have 25 minutes to pay tribute and say good bye, why not have the service in the church? This will give you time to say and do what you want to do in an unhurried way. We can organise some nice music for you and ensure that your wishes are followed. You might even like to have your reception in our community space, so that all your family/friends don’t have to drive miles to another venue.

When it comes to press notices and cars to the church / cemetery / crematorium ask the Funeral Director to help – they are the professionals.

When someone close to you dies do not struggle on your own; in the event of a death you can call us or email us and we can help.


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