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St George’s provides a full range of programmes for children from birth to 18 – images of children are reproduced with kind permission of parents.

Children are very welcome at St George’s. We have a full range of programmes for children from birth to adolescence.

Our programmes are run by Margaret Houston, the Families Pastor at St George’s. Margaret is passionate about children's spirituality and passing on the faith in ways that are meaningful and enriching. A team of dedicated volunteers assists with the Sunday School and Youth Group, leading lessons and helping with planning and clean-up.

Programmes for children aged 0-11 are during the service on Sunday morning – children leave at the Gloria and return for communion.

For information on baptisms, click here.

Information on other rites of passage - first communion, Rite 13, and confirmation - can be found at the bottom of this page.


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Ages 0-5:

Prophets Group:

This is our Sunday School group for children aged 0-5. It meets during the 10 am service.

Each session includes singing, a story, time for free play with our spiritually imaginative toys, an optional art activity, and prayer. Sometimes we have games or other physical activities.

"We are lucky to have the team we do at St. George's."

- Parent



Baby and Toddler Group:

Our baby and toddler group meets on Wednesdays during term-time from 10-11:30 am.

There are toys available, tea and coffee for the adults, songs and stories. All are welcome – mums, dads, nannies, grandparents, and carers.

If you are interested in joining either group, email Martina Sadovska at m.sadovska@yahoo.co.uk


Toddler enjoying playing






Ages 5-11:

Apostles Group:

This is our Sunday School group for primary school children.

Our goal is to nourish children's spirituality through imagination and storytelling. Each lesson begins with prayers and a story. Our stories are told in a hands-on way - we use the Beulah Land Bible Stories in Felt storytelling materials for many of our stories, and sometimes use dolls, puppets, collections of objects, or books. Children are able to touch and play with the materials later in the lesson if they like.

We encourage open-ended wondering about the stories rather than proscribing a moral lesson to be learned from them. Children also have time for free play, art, games, or reading.

Special Events:

We have many special events throughout the year. These include:

  • Holiday clubs. We've filmed a movie of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," visited the National Gallery, and more. Holiday clubs are held every half-term for two afternoons, and for a week in the summer. Our Under-5s holiday club meets every morning for a week in the summer.
  • Christmas Pageant. This is a dramatised service of lessons and carols, and takes up the whole Sunday 10 am service.
  • Family Days. These are a chance for children and adults together to explore festivals like All Saints and Easter.
  • All-Age Services. We have five or six All-Age Eucharists a year, plus All-Age services for Maundy Thursday, a child-friendly Good Friday service, and more.
  • Pancake Party. Held every year on the night before Ash Wednesday.

To hear more about these events, subscribe to our mailing list - email margaret@stgeorgescampdenhill.com and we can include you.





Young person holiday a banner of St. George










Ages 11-18:

Saints Group:

This is our Youth Group, which currently runs from ages 11-14, and which we will continue to expand as our oldest children grow up.

We meet every other week after church for discussions, activities, prayer,and charity projects.

We have special events during the year, including an annual sleepover in the church, movie nights, and trips to the theatre. In 2013, we produced our own abridged version of "Les Miserables," raising £160 for two charities of our choice.

"I told my friends, 'It's not boring'!"

- Youth Group member, age 13

Worship Leaders:

Our young people are also involved as Sunday School helpers, readers, servers, and more.



Children in Church:

While visiting children are welcome to join us for Sunday School, we understand that not all of them will feel comfortable leaving their parents.

We also have a “Pray and Play” area for young children on the right side of the church. For more information, see our blog post about it!

We have Liturgy Boxes in our Pray and Play area, which parents can use in the Pray and Play space or take into their pews. They contain instructions on how they can be used, but if you'd like to know more, you can visit the Spiritual Child Network website.

We have All-Age services every 1-2 months, in which children lead many parts of the worship, and the worship is designed to be more hands-on and interactive.

  Pray and Play Area Image
To Be A Pilgrim Board

Palm Sunday Procession

The children take the banner before the Palm Sunday procession

  Chilren of St. George's
On the way to Holland Park for lunch during Summer Programme.

Rites of Passage:

We recognise the many changes that come as a child grows in God, and have the following rites of passage available to recognise these times of change.


Baptism is the sacrament of new birth, welcoming a new member into the church family. It can be done at any time throughout a person’s life. Many parents wish to baptize their children within a few months of their birth, but children can be baptized as toddlers, school children, and teenagers, and adults are also welcome to seek baptism.

It is done by request of the family involved. When a child is being baptized, the parents must complete a preparation session before the ceremony takes place – if the child is old enough, the child also has a preparation session.

For more on baptism, click here.

First communion

First communion is admission to the sacrament of holy communion before a child reaches the age of confirmation. This can be done at any time from the age of 7 onwards.

First communion takes place once a year, at the feast of Pentecost or Corpus Christi Sunday. There are four preparation sessions, one of which includes parents and children, in which the seriousness and importance of the sacrament will be explored.

The key element in deciding whether a child should receive first communion is the desire of the child and parent both for this to take place. A child who doesn’t wish yet to receive communion should not be forced to do so.



Confirmation is the deliberate choice made by a young person or adult to follow Christianity. Unlike Rite 13, it is not done automatically when a person reaches a certain age – rather, like first communion, it is done when a young person feels they are ready for and desire it. It recognizes the fact that this person has been baptized and now has come to an age when they are ready to claim the Christian faith as their own. If they have not previously been admitted to Holy Communion, then confirmation serves as their entry to receiving the sacrament.

There are four preparation sessions beforehand, and candidates are also asked to produce a short statement to read to the congregation, explaining why they want to be confirmed.


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